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Reporting & Data

Where online accounting packages and off the self IT software can help with a wide variety of your businesses demands, customising these systems to meet specific business requirements can be very expensive. It is often more cost effective to create a bespoke solution.

How We Can Help

We can create bespoke reporting & data solutions, operating a variety of applications including spreadsheets, databases and business intelligence (BI) tools, using application programming languages (VBA, SQL, etc) to help meet your need.

Some Applications We Use:

We have 10 years expertise in data analysis and building bespoke reporting solutions. We try to use applications that are accessible to the majority of businesses, these applications include:​

  • Microsoft Excel - Used for Spreadsheets (Formulas etc)

  • Microsoft Excel (VBA) - Used for Spreadsheets (Programming language/Commands)

  • Microsoft Power BI - Business Intelligence (Reporting tools)

  • Microsoft Access - Databases (Data Manipulation)

  • Microsoft Access (VBA) - Databases (Programming language/Commands)

  • Microsoft Access (SQL) - Databases (Programming language/Query Design)

  • Tableau - Business Intelligence (Reporting tools)

Please contact us to discuss your requirement, prices/ rates to be agreed in advance of the solution build.

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