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Transparent Pricing

At JR-Financial we are committed to a competitive and transparent pricing policy, see below. Prices for other services are available on request.

* The subcontractor payment & deduction statement can be charged to the subcontractor or as requested

**The VAT submission frequency quoted is for quarterly or annual VAT submissions (not monthly)

***There will be an initial charge of £100 for a company set-up but this will be deducted from the final monthly corporation tax payment of Year 1

A full term of payments will need to be completed before submissions are made e.g. in year 1, £240 will need to be paid prior to a self assessment being submitted etc.

A 25% additional charge will be applied where the information required is provided less than a month prior to the required submission date.

Prices for services will be fixed based on the above pricing schedule except for an annual increase in line with inflation (current RPI - 1.2% Oct 2020).

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